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Chakarmard Capsules

Chakarmard Capsules
Chakarmard Capsules

Vedic Chakarmard 500mg

Botonical Name: Cassia tora

NPN: 80086091

Benefits: Chakramarda is nutritive and toxin remover. It is indicated in skin diseases and respiratory allergy. The leaves of the plant are used in the treatment of Malaria, ring worm, chronic inflammation of the skin and other skin diseases.

Other names:

    • Panwarh
    • Chakunda
    • Chakramard
    • Reli
    • Elwan
    • Edagaja
    • Dadrughna
    • Sickle senna
    • Sickle pod
    • Tora
    • Tovara
    • chakvad
    • Thakara
    • foetid cassia
    • Ringworm plant
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